Introdution to Power-Aware HPC

Energy efficiency improvements of High Performance Computing (HPC) data centers continue to remain an active research area mainly due to the continuous growth in energy consumption and associated costs .

This course explores different energy consumption issues in modern HPC data centers, discusses their impacts on the design of new computing systems, and presents different strategies that aim to reduce the overall power consumption.

Lecture will cover the main concepts of energy consumption paradigms that should remain valid despite of continuous technological changes in the area.

The course is intended for master students of computer science and related fields. The lecture and the project work have a cumulative weight of 6 ECTS.

More formally, in German:
Die Vorlesung richtet sich an Master-Studierende der Informatik. Für die Vorlesung und die Projektarbeit werden 6 ECTS-Punkte vergeben.

The number of students will be limited to 16. The registration will open 15.08.2018 0:00 via UniWorx and closes 01.10.2018 13:00

Bewerbung: Mi 15.08.2018, 15:00 bis Mo 01.10.2018, 13:00

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