[SM] Hauptseminar Emerging topics in Advanced Computing

Energy efficiency improvements of High Performance Computing (HPC) data centers continue to remain an active research area mainly due to the continuous growth in energy consumption and associated costs.

In this seminar, we discuss recent concepts, approaches, tools in the emerging area of HPC, as a continuation of the course on “Introduction to power-aware HPC”.
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

• Application power and performance profiling tools (e.g. Intel’s GEOPM)
• Parallel and distributed deep learning
• Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) and their in-datacenter deployment analysis
• Container technologies (e.g. Singularity, Docker, Charliecloud, Shifter)
• Deep neural networks for malware detection in executables
• High frequency data collection
• Contemporary HPC: power consumption issues, trends, and challenges
• Cross-architectural modelling of power consumption using machine learning techniques

Specific topic suggestions from students can also be considered

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